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The workshops can be privatized at any date convenient for you and your friends/family members. Please contact us to set a date at your convenience : +33 6 82 86 51 02


Véronique Dassonneville, the creator of VERIMAGE, personal and professional image coaching, accompanies you to bring out the best of your body language such as your posture and manner of walking, the way you dress, the way you look and smile ; together, they show your style, create your mark on the society and make you a unique person.


• You’re stuck in a rut in terms of your physical appearance
• You’d like to change your look, change your style, but do not dare
• You feel uncomfortable in your body, in your clothes
• You’re going through a change: a promotion, a career change, going to live abroad...
•You’re going through a rough patch: accident, illness, disability, loneliness, stress

In your professional environment, whatever the kind, you represent the image of the sector you work in, inside your company, but also outside of it.
If you are currently job hunting, when competing against someone who has the same competences as you do, your image will make a difference.

Enhancing your image through a makeover gives you incredible leverage to reach your goals

Our environment is dominated by the media. Therefore, we are trained to initially judge others on the basis of visual cues.  That is, we are seen by others before we are heard. This means that your physical appearance is crucial, as it makes up for 55% of communication.

To be image conscious is anything but trivial. It is the realization of what we are worth to balance one’s inner self and one’s physical appearance, to improve one’s credibility and develop one’s potential.

Be it a professional or a personal request, with VERIMAGE, take a fresh start and wear what you are !