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“Getting to know yourself is your first priority”
Excerpt from one of the fables of La Fontaine "Le Juge arbitre, l'Hospitalier et le Solitaire".

One always has a choice between being oneself and hiding behind appearances. However, in order to gain access to one’s well-being, one has to come to a certain realization that will lead to ‘self-coherence’. I will help you reach that goal through the following multiple-steps. In working with you, our aim will be to increase the value of your personal image assets to get your inner personality to stand out. To make that happen, we will synthesize what you like or what you dislike, -i.e. everything that constitutes your personality- in a few hours and go from there. I will be your image enlightener

First step: This first appointment makes it possible to get to know you better in order to appreciate your approach and motivations when it comes to your image in your personal and professional environments. The aim is to see how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Together, we will determine what your goal is and therefore be better able to guide you through the change

Second step: Testing your color portfolio. Through the draping technique, we will discover which colors enhance you, which ones make you look younger, brighten your skintone.  Professional make-up artists and hairdressers can be a part of the process.

Color bears a symbolic and cultural edge. Throughout centuries, the search of color was at the heart of huge commercial issues and of the way social codes were organized.  Clothes obey certain norms and classifications, whatever the era. A good example of that is Coco Chanel’s statement: “When a woman is badly dressed, people only remember the clothes; with a well-dressed woman, they remember the woman.”

Third step: Building your style and finding the right accessories through a morphological diagnosis: figure, proportions, facial shape and hairstyle. No approach in clothing is coincidental. Consciously or subconsciously, you will wear clothes that reflect your moods and values.

Fourth step: In order to complete the process of your transformation, you can choose to attend the session on body movements and diction. The aim is to point to body language (bearing, attitudes), the tone of your voice as well as its delivery for better communication skills with the outside world. 

Your image is like a visiting card. Bring it to an optimal level by scrutinizing new fashion trends, leading accessories, and do not be afraid to express yourself through colors that fit you. All of this will enable you to be in a harmonious relationship with yourself, regardless of the era or environment you live in.

ORIGINAL AND PRECIOUS GIFT: buy the service of your choice as a gift to a loved one, for a special event such as a birthday, a wedding, a celebration... All services are available separately from each other (tailor-made), and some of them can be done for two people at the same time. Do not hesitate to ask for more information!